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Look what this creative guy did with 24 m2 in Barcelona.

Imagine then what you could do with this 12 m2 larger studio that on top of the much larger size, also has sea views.

If you have a smaller budget, we recently just got a studio in Torrevieja of roughly 30 m2, on the 7th floor, 150-200 meters from the beaches of Playa Los Locos and Playa del Cura for only 28 000 euros.

Ruta de la Tapa in Torrevieja april 2014

One of Torrevieja’s absolutely most successful events is the Tapas Route, which runs twice a year around the city centre.

There is only one rule, the prices have to be the same on all establishments. Because it is an important competition and a very good opportunity to get new customers and free publicity, the participants are doing everything they can to win and therefore you will get so much for your money that you will have a hard time to believe what your eyes will see.

The Torrevieja’s Tapas Route for spring 2014 will be celebrated from Thursday to Sunday, 12pm to 4.30 pm and from 7.30 pm to 11 pm, from 3rd to 6th of April and from 10th to 13th of April 2014.

How to find a good restaurant in Torrevieja?

It can be very hard or very easy to find a good restaurant in Torrevieja and it's surroundings.

It all depends on what you are looking for and what you know.

For us who lives here it's really easy and here you have some of our favorite places to go. The first ones are more expensive and the other ones, very affordable. Still, all are much cheaper than in Scandinavia and UK for example. If you want more suggestions, don't hesitate to ask.

Rio Safari in Elche - The family friendly zoo


There are zoological gardens and there is Rio Safari in Elche. It's not a giant zoo, but very welcoming and especially for kids. Here visitors have the possibility to both pat many of the animals and even take a ride on different species. Why not give your kids a ride on a dromedary or on a pony if they are afraid of heights?

They also have a safari, several really good shows with sea lions, elephants, parrots etc. The visitors are also in most cases allowed to feed the animals while walking through the park, as long as it's peanuts bought in the zoo. Good to know is that they are also very affordable to buy, like most of the things they have for sale.

Terra Mitica - One of Europe's best and largest amusement parks

Take a ride in one of Europe's largest and oldest roller coasters. Though Magnus Colossus is almost completely made of solid wood, you will still reach high speed of more than 100 km/h, and of course before that, several times, reach high altitudes. The creaking and cracking sounds from wood structure will push your adrenalin levels even more during the more than one kilometer long ride while you will reach an acceleration of 2 G.

It's a scary and at the same time wonderful ride for everybody who has their full health and are at least 140 cm tall. The recommended minimum age is 14. They also have a modern roller coaster, Titánide, with 7 loopings and a top speed of 100 km/h.

Buy property in Spain for permanent residence visa?

Are you a non EU-resident interested in getting a permanent residence visa in Europe for you and your family?

This visa is sometimes incorrectly referred to as the golden visa by companies that claim that they can get you a golden visa, a permanent residence visa if you just buy a property for 500 000 euros. However, there are no golden visas offered by Spanish authorities and they are the only ones that could have done it, if they existed for real. However, since September 25th, 2013, there is a way to get a permanent residence visa.

Lower green fees in Spain

The green fees in Spain, are in general much lower than in many other European countries, such as Finland, Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom.

On top of that, If you buy a property on a golf course, you will usually get even lower green fees on that course, sometimes also others, and special offers as long as you own that property.

Sometimes when you buy a property, you might also be able to get completely free green fees for up to 1-2 years, depending on the policy of the golf club, if it is a new property or resale property and the value of the property.

A good alternative for those who want to play golf cheaper, but not want to buy their own property, is to become a member in the Scandinavian club Mas Amigos and it's golf section.

The world's most popular countries for tourists in 2013

Did you know that Spain is the world's third most popular tourist destination?

Last year the number of tourists to Spain also superseded the number of tourists to China.

60,661 million tourists visited Spain during 2013, which is also an increase with 5,6% from 2012. Only US and France had more visitors.

In August alone, Spain was visited by 8,3 million tourists. This was also the highest figure since current records began in 1995 and 7,1 per cent higher than August last year.

Most of the visitors were British (23,6%), German (16,2%) and French (15,7 %). The largest increase were tourists from Russia, which increased with 31,6% from 2012 to 1,6 million visitors.

Local markets in Spain

One of the big joys to do in Spain, is to visit the local markets and buy locally grown fruits and vegetables, fresh bread, roasted chicken stuffed with herbs, spices, clothes, shoes, wine, liqueurs, pickles, olives, salamis, Serrano ham and almost everything you can think of. And the best of all, every area have their own market once a week, all year around.

They all start early in the morning and finishes during the afternoon. One of the best markets is the market in Guardamar on Sundays. It is also called the Lemon Market, because it's situated in an old lemon orchard. There you can buy everything and also enjoy breakfast and lunch as there are many restaurants. You can also buy your Sunday roast that has been roasted in a wood fired oven.

Did you know that Torrevieja is one of the safest cities in Europe?

Torrevieja is not only sunny and does not only have the most health promoting climate in Europe according to WHO.

Torrevieja is also an area with a very low crime rate where the police actually usually find the bad guys. This is probably because it is one of the most supervised cities within Europe.

Since 2011 they have invested over 1.7 billion euros in a camera surveillance system that monitors every entrance and exit to Torrevieja, virtually every roundabout and junction and additionally parks, major streets, squares and buildings, and more.

The authorities also conducts regular exercises to practice how to handle everything from natural disasters to terrorist attacks. The last exercise was conducted March 5, 2013 and attended by about 500 people.


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