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To buy a property for a company

It is not only individuals who buy properties in Spain. More and more companies are buying properties as an investment.

Many companies who does, often pick golf courses like La Manga Club where they can get help with both rentals as well as supervision. La Manga Club can also offer a guaranteed minimum rental income.

- What you need is usually title deed of the company and a translation done by a certified translator. Both of these also have to be verified by Notarius Publicus and have the stamp, Apostille of Hague. It must also be clear in the title deed who has the right to represent the company/is the authorized signatory.

Finder's fee for all new clients

We know that we wouldn't be ably to do any business without help from others.

Therefore we always reward everybody who help us find new clients. Both for those who help us find nice properties that we don't have and those who help us find buyers that we are not already in contact with.

The finder's fee is normally always some Spanish delicacy. Just tell us what you like and send us your leads and we will do everything we can to sell, so that you can receive a big box of Spanish delicacies.

If you don't know anyone who wants to buy a property here, you can always tell us about yourself, buy a property with us and get both a new property and a finder's fee.

Yearly costs and taxes

As a property owner in Spain you are obliged to to a yearly fiscal report and pay taxes. How much tax you will have to pay depends if you are a resident on the property or if you are renting it out.

Those who don't rent out their property and are non residents, will for 2014 pay an income tax of 24.00 % on 1.1 % of the cadastral value. The cadastral value are set by the Tax Office and are normally between 50 to 70 % of the market value.

For exemple: With a cadastral value of 100 000 euros, the yearly tax will be 100 000 x 0,2400 x 0,011 = 264 euros. Those who are resident on the property, do not pay this tax.

Those who rent it out, have to pay 24 % taxes on the net incomes. The income tax from above will be deductible from that period.

Costs when buying a property in Spain

When you buy a property in Spain, there are always about 11-13% extra in fees and taxes to be added on top of the price.

The biggest part are transfer tax on resales and VAT/IVA on new properties. Both these taxes are today 10 %. On new build properties there is also a stamp duty fee of 1.5 %:

The remaining part are costs for conveyance or a lawyer, The Notary's fees, fees from the Land Registry and sometimes fees to connect water and electricity or to change contracts.

In general, the higher the price of the property, the lower percentage.

If you have found an object, we will be happy to help you calculate this figure more exactly.

How to finance a purchase in Spain

The easiest and cheapest way to buy a property in Spain, is always to have the money or to take out an extra mortgage on a property in the country which you reside in.

Your current bank who knows you, might also have a solution for you. In case you are Scandinavian, the Danish Nykredit is usually a very good option if you full fill their requirements.

- The maximum mortgage is 70% of the lowest value of either the price before taxes or the value set by Nykredit.

- The minimum amount is 100 000 euros, that is to say, the price have to be 143 000 euros or more.


The Spanish purchase process and different warranties

The purchase process in Spain is very different from the one in Sweden. The only disadvantage is that it is much more time consuming than the Sweish, but in return it is much safer for the buyer, no matter if it concerns a resale, a new build or a completely new construction that the client owns from the beginning during the construction process.

When it concerns resales, it is always the seller, that is to say, the actual owner who is liable for all errors, hidden as well as visible ones.

Are you thinking of buying a resale in Spain?

To buy a resale in Spain is something completely different than buying a new property on Costa Blanca and surroundings.

In opposite to new constructions, where the demand is very high and the builders are having problems to produce enough, the supply is enormous.

Many of these are however bank repossessions, that is to say, properties that the banks has repossessed because the previous owners could not pay their mortgages.

These properties are difficult to sell for several reasons. One very important one is that many were built during the boom and therefore got a very high price in relation to the area and the quality.

Why choose us?

Like in any other country there are many real estate agents to choose between in Spain. One big difference though, is that several different agents can have the same object. Sometimes even at different prices. All real estate agents are tough not the same. We specialize in properties of high quality in attractive areas and always try to give our clients maximum value for their money. That's why we always include free conveyance, from getting NIE-numbers* and opening up bank accounts to register the property at the land registry after the title deeds has been signed by the Notary's office. The only costs that our clients have to pay, are the official fees from the town hall, the land registry, the electricity and the water company.

Buy a plot and build your own villa or farm

Are you thinking about buying a plot to build a dream house of your own?

All you have to do, no matter if it's about a small holiday home or a horse farm, is to tell us what kind of plot and area you are looking for and we will find several possible alternatives for you. The next step is to visit the plots and have a meeting with our constructor. Maybe we already have a model for the construction that you like. Maybe you have some pictures of a property that you have seen and like or maybe you have an idea that you want us to help you

We have plots almost everywhere, from deserts to golf courses to plots on hills sides to directly in front of the beach.


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